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True/False Film Festival in Missouri

by Sheila O’Connor
Published on May 29, 2011
The Epoch Times (New York)

Love travel and love documentary films? Then don’t miss out on a trip to Columbia, Missouri in March.That’s because you can enjoy the True/False film festival at that time each year. And it’s well worth seeing.

If you thought Columbia, Missouri was just a college town, then it’s time to be pleasantly surprised. So what’s there? Just ask Christina Kelley, the store owner of Makes Scents in the town.

“People come here to see an amazing array of world-class documentaries at the True/False film festival. The atmosphere they are shown in takes the festival to a whole other level. There’s a great downtown with shopping and eating and that enhances the whole experience,” she says.  (Note that the perfume store, Makes Scents, is a “good place for people who don’t like perfume,” says Kelley.)

And I can vouch for it being a great experience.  I was at the True/False Film festival in March in Columbia, and it was an exciting and eye-opening event. There are movies to meet just about every interest and taste (but note it’s not suitable for young children so best to leave them with a sitter.)

Beth Mead, the Tourism Marketing Manager at the Columbia CVB says, “People can see carefully-selected documentary films that they can’t see outside of the Sundance Festival.  This is a walkable, enjoyable film festival, complete with music, parties and a fun game show,” she says.


Here’s what some of the movies we saw (out of an available 43) were about:

The Project Nim (the baby chimp who was taught to learn sign language as a way of communicating with humans, until he became too aggressive to handle and attacked his trainers at around age 5).

Page One of the New York Times and what it takes to get a front page story published there.

The Interrupters (a real-life group of people who try to prevent violence on their city’s streets by interrupting altercations that are about to happen);

Zielinski, about a brilliant photographer whose works on the Amish became famous worldwide;

The Burger and the King (about the diet that Elvis Presley was on and why he chose those comfort foods—did you know that as a young boy his family was so poor they had to eat squirrel? It was in part his diet, along with other things eventually killed the king).

And finally the favorite of this writer:

The story Donor Unknown (aka Secret Screening White because the movie wasn’t yet officially out), who was a sperm donor back in the day and who actually fathered 15 children that he didn’t know about.

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Sheila O’Connor is a writer based in San Francisco who writes on a variety of topics, including travel. When Sheila is not off traveling the world, she is at home with her husband and three children.