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KC Play-By-Play

On the morning of April 8th, Becky and I left Columbia to go see Zielinski in the Kansas City Film Festival. Ryan stayed behind to play a Viletto reunion show. Sorry I missed it, bro. Beck and I arrived in KC and went to see our good friends Zach and Sandy, and their 10 month old son, Jackson. It was a beautiful day so we called in some Oklahoma Joe’s and took it to Memorial Park for a picnic. Travis met us there and was kind enough to let us crash at his pad. Thanks, Trav. Holy shit! Oklahoma Joe’s was awesome! I had a burnt ends sandwich with slaw on top and sauce on the side. I really did feel like crying when I ate the last bite. Best sandwich ever!

We showed up at the AMC Mainstreet theater and got our passes. Cool venue. There were some great pics of several of my favorites; Charlie Chaplin, The Marx Brothers, and Laurel and Hardy. Reunited with Zach and Sandy and then I saw my Aunt Terry, Uncle Bud, and my cousin Bryon. It was so cool that they came to see the screening. It was an intimate screening but the crowed was really into it. I gave a brief Q&A after the film and that was it. We all went to have a beer and dinner at a pub near by. We ended up staying there for hours.

It was really good to visit with all of you. Greg and Scott… we’ll hook up next time for sure. Thanks for all of the hospitality. Talk soon.

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Kansas City Here We Come!

Tickets are now available for our April 9th Screening in Kansas City. Click here to purchase individual tickets for $10. We’re looking forward to screening with Bhopali and Fordson. All three of our films made their World Premiere at Slamdance this year, and I strongly recommend checking them out. Also proud to screen once again alongside The Pruitt-Igoe Myth, directed by our friend Chad Freidrichs.

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AMC Theatres KC FilmFest Screening Announced

ZIELINSKI will screen at 5:15pm on Saturday, April 9th @AMC Theatre 2.

John Zielinski was born and raised in Kansas City.
He will return to promote our film about his life – before and during the festival.

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Save Zielinski!

Help us bring our film to the masses – go to Netflix and save ZIELINSKI to your queue!
Also feel free to rate/review the film if you have already seen it.

Once a certain number of people have saved ZIELINSKI, the film will become available for rent!

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ZIELINSKI Returns! (April 8-11)

Thanks to all the buzz and curiosity surrounding ZIELINSKI at True/False, the locally-made documentary will be screening 6 more times at Ragtag Cinema this coming April. If you were unable to see our film during the festival, check out these upcoming screenings.

Friday, April 8th @ 8:45pm & 10:30pm

Saturday, April 9th @8:45pm & 10:30pm

Sunday, April 10th @ 7pm

Monday, April 11th @ 8:30pm

Come meet John Zielinski and ensconce yourself in his photos, talk about the film, and try to solve the mystery that is ZIELINSKI.

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ZIELINSKI to screen at Ragtag

Due to an incredible response from our hometown, ZIELINSKI will screen at Ragtag Cinema in early April. Dates and times coming soon. Our four screenings at last week’s True/False Film Festival drew in nearly 1000 people. Can’t wait to add to that. We would also like to mention that John Zielinski, himself, sold over 100 photographs during the fest. He will have more autographed prints at each of our April screenings. If you have any aches or pains he will also have Aloe Vera for sale. He has lost over 40lbs. in the last 6 months while taking an ounce with each meal. But I’ll let him tell you about that.

It was so nice to see friends and strangers coming together over their curiosity about one man. Seeing crowds of people swarming around John and buying his prints was very rewarding. As the night would go on, the conversation would shift from shutter speeds to sex rings. On Saturday we woke up to find all three of us (John, Ryan, Chase) on the front page of the Columbia Daily Tribune. It should be noted that on page 2 there was an article about a woman arrested for possessing child porn in Columbia. On Monday two people were indicted on suspicion of sex trafficking in Columbia, and another man was arrested for possessing child porn. If John was right about that, what else is he right about?

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True/False Thus/Far

Wow! You gotta love the energy of this festival. Lemme tell ya’. Opening night at The Blue Note was incredible. 400 people strong, audience chanting ZIE-LIN-SKI (kind of like MIZ – ZOU), and John Zielinski going on a 5 minute speech about “what’s going on.”  I challenge you to fit more face on a screen. Thanks for the amazing night, Columbia. See Tribune article here.

The next day came quick. We did a 30 minute interview on NPR at Broadway Brewery and caught a good meal from Coffee Zone. Ryan and I split up to get ready for our next screening and the “Are you laughing at me” panel discussion. During this time a tornado warning came on suddenly and we ended up in the basement of the Missouri Theater. It rained so hard that water penetrated the projection room at The Hive. This caused the audio board to get wet and our sound went out for 15 seconds. Longest 15 seconds of our lives. When it came back on there were lots of snap-crackle-pops, but the film played to the end and the Q&A was great. Thanks for bearing with us!

After getting our fifth wind, we took in the last 30 minutes of the Reality Bites party. Coffee beer. Who knew? Watched KNUCKLE with Ted and Becky. Finally made it to the @ction party. The party looked amazing! Well done to all who decorated it. It was perfect. Great tunes all night. Loved the old soul music. Went to bed before 2am so I could get up and run my first 5k at 8am.

That was the coldest run I’ve ever done. It was also my fastest. I finished the race in 26:16. Looking forward to a day filled with films, food, and friends. Hope to see you all at Little Ragtag tonight for our 10:30pm screening.

Awe Chia!

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It’s time.

Are you ready? Tonight we will unleash our film Zielinski in our hometown. Our street team has been incredible. Thank you, Jack. Thank you, Ben. Maybe you’ve seen this creepy van rolling around town. No? You will.

It is so cool to have our film play at The Blue Note. I think this will be a perfect venue for Mark Speckman’s music. It is going to sound monstrous. The show will get started at 9:30pm but you should get there early if you don’t already have a ticket. It’s getting close to selling out. However, we have a screening each day of the T/F festival.

Thu @ The Blue Note 9:30pm - Fri @ The Hive 3:30pm
Sat @ Little Ragtag 10:30pm - Sun @ Windsor Cinema 5:30pm

Many thanks to Signs Now. Mike Azar (creator of Swampsen, Riggs & Tenny, Son: Cinema Syndicate animation) was a huge help and came up with the perfect size poster. Look how big they are! Hey Paul, did you ever think your work would be taped on the side of a red van cruising the streets of Columbia, Missouri? Keep an eye out for the new Zielinski T-shirts created by Alie McNeil.

Zie – Lin – Ski!

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Bring It On Home

True/False, here we come! The world premiere of Zielinski at Slamdance Film Festival was a life-changing experience. The film got a great reaction, and we met some uh, pretty crazy peeps. We always answered with pride that we come from Missouri, son!

Now we’re ready to up the ante and bring the film home – to Columbia. We met John Zielinski here, we met Mark Speckman here, we honed our craft at Columbia Access Television and Stephens College, and now we can share our film with the community. In the past we’ve enjoyed True/False as volunteers, musicians, and viewers. This year will be different.

If you live in Columbia, chances are you have met John Zielinski (especially if you hang out at Daniel Boone Regional Library). To meet John is to remember John. Maybe he freaked you out talking about child slavery and satanism. Maybe he showed you one of his books, or a stack of them. Maybe you found him annoying. But you remember him. And come on, aren’t you just a little bit curious? Where did this guy come from?

T/F Screenings, March 3rd-6th

Thu @ The Blue Note – 9:30pm
Fri @ The Hive – 3:30pm
Sat @ Little Ragtag – 10:30pm
Sun @ Windsor Cinema – 5:30pm

complete T/F schedule

We can’t wait to share Zielinski with the city that made it possible. We love you Columbia.

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Slamdance – Day 7

Hopped on the Brown 8 into Park City – bright and early for the second and final screening of Zielinski at Slamdance. Surprised to see Olivia Garrison and Kristin Loveland in the crowd (former students of Chase at Stephens College). About 50 people showed up for our 10:30am screening in the Main Room. Afterwards we met with Milenko Skoknic of La Fuga (Chilé) for an interview. Hooked up with Maya Adrabi for a photo shoot. Met a cool dude named Jay from Cedar Rapids. Watched a great block of Animation Shorts. Hit up Wasatch Brew Pub for slammin tacos and a cold salad. Back to Red Banjo, again, for pinball and beer; Hurricane can suck it. Saw Chaitanya‘s excellent short film Six Strands. Drank a whiskey and cider at the ice bar outside High West. This thin air is weak! Cab back to the condo to give Chaitanya a big American sendoff – he’s on the way to Rotterdam and Paris for more film festivals. He did magic tricks, we drank greyhounds and watched Jase Haber’s demo reel. Real tough saying goodbye to that kid.

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