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Paul and Hannie

Much love to our Amsterdam connection. Paul Pollmann created the text and poster for ZiELiNSKi film. He also made this sweet poster to celebrate he and his wife’s 50th birthday. So if you are in Amsterdam, buy ‘em a drink!


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Expect Resistance Pt.1 – Doing Time with John Zielinski

We will be posting John’s emails that discuss his weekend in jail. Part 1 begins… now.

I just got out of jail after spending Saturday and Sunday at Boone County Correctional Facility.  City Court neglected to withdrawn the warrant that should have been withdrawn in August.  I am contacting the media Ch 8, 13, 17 about doing something on this not me particular but the awful conditions inside these walls.   This morning I was handcuffed and leg chained to go see a judge–when someone from City got thru to them after I talked to Carolyn Mathews about the arrest warrant that was supposed to have been squelched in August.  One of the deputies let slip that false arrest or arrest made after the warrant had been cancelled happen frequently.
Steel beds with a pad less than an inch thick.  I had to crawl up the side of double bunk because the lower’s were all taken.  Lights go on a four in the morning, despite the fact that they do not feed us until seven.  A lock-down occurred yesterday delaying lunch by two hours.  Recreation is practically nil.  Food not sufficient to sustain anyone and half the bay were given regular medication. I expect to have a real fight to get inside and film, therefore, I am trying to get the major media interested first.  Failing that I will try with CAT camera to interview the sheriff, etc.
Expect resistance, and the attitude: “They are criminals why should we give them any better treatment.
-John Zielinski
October 24th, 2011
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