Slamdance – Days 8 & 9

Day 8

At 6 am, while we were sleeping, Andrew picked up Chaitanya and drove him to the airport. What a class act. Both of them.

Woke up five minutes too late and missed the 9:45 shuttle. Supposed to be downtown for a True/False brunch. Lucked out and met a lady named Mindy by Kneaders. She had a classic white Jeep and offered to give us a ride, even though she was going the opposite direction. Discussed her film projects and tests of faith. Mindy, thank you for your generosity and best of luck on your film. Made it to Easy Street Brasserie for some fresh hot food. Met documentary filmmakers from around the world. Returned to the condo to pack our belongings and get some rest before the Awards Ceremony & After-Party. Already missing Eric and Chaitanya – not looking forward to saying goodbye to the rest of our new friends.

Drank a few Little Slammers and caught the Brown 8 to Main Street with Albert, Jon, Vanessa and Sarah. Congratulations to all the award winners! At the party we got to see Jon Moses perform songs from The Beast Pageant. In between acts, Albert and Chase grabbed the mic to sing “Slammies,” a jingle written years ago by Chase & Aaron Little. With the party winding down, no one was ready to call it a night. Chartered a couple of vans and made our way to the after-after-party. Sang as many songs as we could think of – that we all knew the lyrics to. “Arrow” by Harry Nilsson was a pretty big hit. Passed around a space bag. Sarah called a cab, and we made it home just in time to sleep for 90 minutes.

Day 9

At 8 am Andrew (our savior) arrived to drive us to the airport. He might be one of the coolest dudes on the planet. He really deserves more than a triple reverse, double backhand, breakdance handy. After one last Kneaders breakfast sandwich, we left Park City. Drove through the mountains to Salt Lake City airport, where we said goodbye to Andrew. Walking to our gate, guess who we bumped into? Jon, Albert and Vanessa from The Beast Pageant. Can’t wait to bring these cats to Columbia for a screening! Talked about plastic, insulin, and microwaves until it was time to go. We were all completely exhausted. Two flights, a shuttle, and a two-hour drive later, we made it home safe. Lovin’ this thick Missouri air.

Thanks to Slamdance (staff, programmers, jurors, volunteers) and all the amazing filmmakers we met. Wouldn’t change a thing. Now back to work!