Dispatch from John Zielinski

“In the small town where John DeCamp lives he owns an old defunct bar which used to feature bands and local attractions.  I have his permission to adapted the enclosed 1/3 with chairs etc enough to accomadate 50 people.  I am helping him move from the town of Hallam to the town where he lives and am setting up a travelling show which would present the video mine included to churches, ci vic . groups and organizations such as the VFW.  John has so many awards from the VWF, Amvets, schools, national organizations and even the President Jimmy Carter that I feel we could even get people to travel from nearby towns once the word goes out.  I am strongly suspecting that John business is in the middle of a Satanic dominated village, since I have found people who hate John and blame him for everything he was accusing the system of.  I am headed back to Gallatin today to pick up tools, saws, etc as there will be some modification and in the back I can converted several rooms into a small apartment, but I would be traveling on a regular basis between Iowa, Missouri and Nebraska, maintaining a place to stay in each location.”

– John M. Zielinksi, 9 June 2013