Going International!

OCTOBER 24th-29th
We’ve been trying and trying to get our film screened abroad. See our bananas page for proof. We found refuge in Hamburg. The more I read about this festival the more intrigued I become. I think ZiELiNSKi will be a great fit for this year’s line up. Thank you, RADAR, for selecting our film! If anyone knows somebody that lives in Hamburg, and wouldn’t mind a couple of well-mannered dudes sleeping on their couch for a couple of days, please let us know. We are currently working on a new trailer just for the event, so stay tuned. Also, our brand new DVDs should arrive in the next 2 weeks. There are only 100 for now so email us if you would like to reserve a copy. We’ll keep you posted on screening times and dates as they come to us from Germany.