Halfway There

I’ve heard other filmmakers say, “Once you finish your film, you’re half-way there.”  It’s the truth. It’s taken us over a year, but we’ve found the perfect distributor for our film – The Orchard, based in New York. They loved our bizarre little documentary and were able to put it in their line-up. It’s never been easier to give the gift of ZiELiNSKi — now available on iTunes, for rental ($3.99) or download ($9.99).


Apparently, ZiELiNSKi has already made a splash in Canada, where it is currently one of the top documentaries on iTunes. Thanks, Canada!

As the Penn State scandal continues to unfold, 72-year-old John Zielinski is on the move again.  He is planning an all out assault on pedophiles, Satanists, human traffickers, and the CIA. Take a listen:

“I circulated a newspaper on [Univ. of Iowa] campus in November 1992, one article in eight pages suggested that pedophile activity was going on and a mentioned NAMBLA influence. A short time later a editorial came out that stated “There is a newspaper circulating on this campus that suggest there is an organization which targets little boys for sexual purposes, we want to tell you that is all a myth, no such organization exists.:”  How or why was this choose out of a eight page paper to be commented on.  Why am I getting threats from Alumni Magazine today for revealing what I published 20 years ago?  Three month after the editorial appeared there was a major expose in Reader’s Digest on NAMBLA.  Kill(ing) Zielinski would cause too much attention, better to discredit and suggest he was a nut case.”

Stay tuned. Beware. Let the truth be told.