It’s time.

Are you ready? Tonight we will unleash our film Zielinski in our hometown. Our street team has been incredible. Thank you, Jack. Thank you, Ben. Maybe you’ve seen this creepy van rolling around town. No? You will.

It is so cool to have our film play at The Blue Note. I think this will be a perfect venue for Mark Speckman’s music. It is going to sound monstrous. The show will get started at 9:30pm but you should get there early if you don’t already have a ticket. It’s getting close to selling out. However, we have a screening each day of the T/F festival.

Thu @ The Blue Note 9:30pm - Fri @ The Hive 3:30pm
Sat @ Little Ragtag 10:30pm - Sun @ Windsor Cinema 5:30pm

Many thanks to Signs Now. Mike Azar (creator of Swampsen, Riggs & Tenny, Son: Cinema Syndicate animation) was a huge help and came up with the perfect size poster. Look how big they are! Hey Paul, did you ever think your work would be taped on the side of a red van cruising the streets of Columbia, Missouri? Keep an eye out for the new Zielinski T-shirts created by Alie McNeil.

Zie – Lin – Ski!