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On February 28th, Chase was a guest on “Intersection,” an interactive radio/TV show hosted by Reuben Stern.

Organizers of the True/False film festival in Columbia pride themselves on finding films that ride the line between fanciful storytelling and documentary truth. On this program, panelists discuss the blending of art and life on film. In the second half of the program you’ll also hear about some of the highlights from this year’s festival line-up, and find out how films are selected for inclusion in the festival.

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On March 3rd, Ryan was interviewed by Davis Dunavin for “Off the Clock.”

One festival entry this year comes straight from Columbia. Zielinski is directed by Columbia Access Television employees Ryan Walker and Chase Thompson.

The film investigates the bizarre, fascinating worldview of CAT personality John Zielinski. Some people consider Zielinski a bit of a conspiracy nut. Once a respected photojournalist, he’s made it his mission since the 1980s to expose what he sees as the wrongs in our world – Satanism, child slavery and drug trafficking among them. Walker and Thompson’s documentary premiered at the Slamdance Film Festival last month. KBIA’s Davis Dunavin sat down with Walker to talk about Zielinski – the man and the movie.

Walker has high expectations for the festival – including, he says, Zielinski himself, who is expected to visit the premiere Friday night wearing a sandwich board and handing out flyers. After Zielinski has finished the festival circuit, Walker’s next project will be an adaptation of the Pulitzer Prize-nominated book The Bootlegger, by John Hallwas.

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