New Ball Game

The latest email from John Zielinski.

Subject:  New Ball Game

It seems I might get immediate low rent house.  Info on Gunderson indicates more and more people coming down against CIA child kidnapping, drug network.  Time to start talking to colleges around Missouri along with the film.  Are you guys ready for this.  Time for the CIA directed and protected government to fall and be replaced by a renewed Constitutional Govern.  Look at Ron Paul running for President once again, saying no more Congress and running against CIA drug trafficking network.

I told you my time has come again.  More and more there are those who are listening.  I am here at the library in Trenton and the Librarians is ready for the books and tapes.  It is time to march against the corruption that is Washington.  I am address you from this old site because my computer here refuses to let me on the other one.  No one here can figure out why.  Remember I told you for years Ted Gunderson’s web sites were routinely knock off the internet.  I will send money and get tapes so that we can present the truth, but I will come back and begin with the school systems in Columbia.  This corrupt CI A directed and controlled government must be swept aside to be replaced by a legitimate one.