“Pedophilia owns this nation.” – J. Zielinski, 1991

So last night I happened to catch the Bob Costas interview with Jerry Sandusky – the man at the center of the Penn State situation.

To those who have seen ZiELiNSKi, this whole story sounds VERY familiar. John has been trying to expose powerful pedophiles for over 25 years, especially in the state of Iowa. Today he considers himself a political exile from Iowa and a blacklisted author.

John Zielinski: I hope you are following State College. University of Iowa had much more occult and pedophile activity than State College. You see how well defended it has been.

In Nov 1992, I completed and published a newspaper in which one of the lead front page stories was NAMBLA influence on the University campus. While I did not have evidence to stand up in court I had heard from women whose children had been sexually abused. The Daily Iowan rather than identify me as an idiot and street person chose a different route “there is a newspaper circulating on this campus that suggest there is an organization that targets little boys for sexual purposes. We want to tell you that it is all a myth no such organization exists.” Three months later Reader’s Digest had a major expose of NAMBLA.

A nurse after reading my story on what happened to Kitty Krause and her daughter came to me with the story of how the head of the Child Psychiatric Hospital and scout master had gotten her son and three other boys drug on creme de men-the then molested them. She went to the University Hospital and they stonewalled her. Six month later that psychiatrist moved to another hospital and I traced his movements for years–he faced no charges–unlike what is happening now in State College Pa. You see now why there such a hard line about exposing the film in Iowa.