T/F Buzz

Mar 7 - Interview with intrepid journalist Scott Johnson from Kansas City. A three-camera shoot in the dingy basement of the Regency Hotel.

Mar 6 – Over 200 people attend the final T/F screening of ZIELINSKI at Windsor Cinema.

Mar 5 – Little Ragtag screening is full.

Mar 5 – Chase Thompson takes part in the True Life Run – bright and early.

Mar 5 – ZIELINSKI makes the front page of the the Columbia Daily Tribune.

Mar 4 – The Hive screening is full.

Mar 4 – Chase Thompson takes part in the T/F panel “Are You Laughing At Me?” which was interrupted by a tornado warning.

Mar 4 – NPR radio appearance – “Up to Date” on KCUR, broadcast live from the Broadway Brewery.

Mar 4 – KBIA radio appearance – Ryan Walker on “Off the Clock” interviewed by Davis Dunavin. And here’s a photo.

Mar 3 – 400 people attend the Midwest Premiere of ZIELINSKI at The Blue Note.

Mar 2 – KOPN radio appearance – “The So-Called Good Life” with Mark Speckman and host Kelvin Walsh.

Mar 2 – Meet up with Jack Falby to tape two huge ZIELINSKI posters to his red van.

Mar 2 – Mark Speckman releases newly mixed and mastered ZIELINSKI soundtrack.

Mar 2 – Missourian T/F Guide:  ”The work of freelance investigative reporter John Zielinski exposes human trafficking, pedophilia, drug-dealing and more — and it originates from his home here in Columbia.”

Mar 1 – KOPN radio appearance – “Sex Drugs & Civil Liberties” with host Dan Viets.

Mar 1 – MOVE Magazine preview:  ”Attention all journalists and writers: John Zielinski, the topic of the film ZIELINSKI is ‘the most blacklisted author in the history of Iowa.’ His controversial investigative reporting subjects include human trafficking and Satanists, and the man is never afraid to rattle the cage of criminals. Columbia directors Chase Thompson and Ryan Walker examine the life and times of the controversial writer and will appear in person at the screenings of the film.”

Mar 1 – KFRU radio appearance – “Columbia Morning” with host David Lile. We bump into Kelvin Walsh on the way out. So sneaky!

Feb 28 – KOPN radio appearance – John Zielinski on “Thought Crime Radio” with host Rich Winkel.

Feb 28 – Ryan Walker is selected as a finalist in the “Gimme Truth” competition at T/F.

Feb 28 – KBIA radio/TV appearance – Chase Thompson on “Intersection” with David Wilson and host Reuben Stern.

Feb 27 – ZIELINSKI is named one of the “must-see” films of T/F by Scott May of the Columbia Daily Tribune.

Feb 25 – ZIELINSKI is named one of the “socially relevant” films of T/F by Peaceworks, a local non-profit organization.

Feb 21Article about Chase Thompson in Stephens Life – by Hayley Williams.

Feb 20 – Mark Speckman comes over. We drink Stag, listen to the new Radiohead album and get ridiculous.

Feb 20 – John Zielinski returns from Las Vegas – where he attended an aloe vera conference.

Feb 19 – Apparently tickets for ZIELINSKI are getting snatched up like hot pizza. T/F adds a fourth screening on Sunday – 5:30pm @ Windsor Cinema on the campus of Stephens College. That seems only fitting, since the film is intrinsically connected to Stephens and Columbia Access Television (adjacent to Windsor). We love you Columbia.

Feb 16 – Paul Pollmann sends us an updated poster with T/F laurels.

Feb 14 – KOPN radio appearance – “Thought Crime Radio” with John Zielinski and host Rich Winkel.

Feb 10 – T/F announces 2011 film lineup.

Jan 27 – T/F Brunch at Easy Street Brasserie in Park City.

Jan 25Meet up with Paul & David at the Yarrow Hotel for a coffee.

Jan 23 – Waiting in line for some Mexican food in Park City, we get a phone call from Paul Sturtz. We’re in!