True/False 2011 Interview by Scott Johnson

During True/False, on one of our many walks up and down the streets of Columbia we met Scott Johnson. Well not really. I’d met him at some party at Mojo’s a year or so before. He was wearing huge ski boots and a flowing scarf. I had to say hello. Ryan and I kept running into Scott at the parties and at the films. Mostly the parties. He had this awesome set up in the basement of the Regency Hotel (soon to be demolished). The basement was full of mirrors and he had brought a ton of gear and lights to get interviews with filmmakers that had a film in the festival. He showed us the space one night and we were like, “Sure. We’ll let you interview us.” We scheduled a time to meet the following day and it was done. Well… not really. We woke Scott up in his Regency room at 5pm the next day. He had just got in from the night before. A true rock star. He was in rough shape but found the energy to shoot our interview. We helped him set up and he went from looking hungover to consummate professional at the press of the record button. His enthusiasm for our film was contagious. Sadly we were one of the only interviews captured in the soon to be destroyed Regency Hotel. Please take a moment of silence before you hit play to pay your respects to all the good times that have been had in the Regency.

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Thanks to Erika Adair for editing this piece and thanks again to our boy Scott Johnson for not flaking out.