True/False Thus/Far

Wow! You gotta love the energy of this festival. Lemme tell ya’. Opening night at The Blue Note was incredible. 400 people strong, audience chanting ZIE-LIN-SKI (kind of like MIZ – ZOU), and John Zielinski going on a 5 minute speech about “what’s going on.”  I challenge you to fit more face on a screen. Thanks for the amazing night, Columbia. See Tribune article here.

The next day came quick. We did a 30 minute interview on NPR at Broadway Brewery and caught a good meal from Coffee Zone. Ryan and I split up to get ready for our next screening and the “Are you laughing at me” panel discussion. During this time a tornado warning came on suddenly and we ended up in the basement of the Missouri Theater. It rained so hard that water penetrated the projection room at The Hive. This caused the audio board to get wet and our sound went out for 15 seconds. Longest 15 seconds of our lives. When it came back on there were lots of snap-crackle-pops, but the film played to the end and the Q&A was great. Thanks for bearing with us!

After getting our fifth wind, we took in the last 30 minutes of the Reality Bites party. Coffee beer. Who knew? Watched KNUCKLE with Ted and Becky. Finally made it to the @ction party. The party looked amazing! Well done to all who decorated it. It was perfect. Great tunes all night. Loved the old soul music. Went to bed before 2am so I could get up and run my first 5k at 8am.

That was the coldest run I’ve ever done. It was also my fastest. I finished the race in 26:16. Looking forward to a day filled with films, food, and friends. Hope to see you all at Little Ragtag tonight for our 10:30pm screening.

Awe Chia!