ZIELINSKI to screen at Ragtag

Due to an incredible response from our hometown, ZIELINSKI will screen at Ragtag Cinema in early April. Dates and times coming soon. Our four screenings at last week’s True/False Film Festival drew in nearly 1000 people. Can’t wait to add to that. We would also like to mention that John Zielinski, himself, sold over 100 photographs during the fest. He will have more autographed prints at each of our April screenings. If you have any aches or pains he will also have Aloe Vera for sale. He has lost over 40lbs. in the last 6 months while taking an ounce with each meal. But I’ll let him tell you about that.

It was so nice to see friends and strangers coming together over their curiosity about one man. Seeing crowds of people swarming around John and buying his prints was very rewarding. As the night would go on, the conversation would shift from shutter speeds to sex rings. On Saturday we woke up to find all three of us (John, Ryan, Chase) on the front page of the Columbia Daily Tribune. It should be noted that on page 2 there was an article about a woman arrested for possessing child porn in Columbia. On Monday two people were indicted on suspicion of sex trafficking in Columbia, and another man was arrested for possessing child porn. If John was right about that, what else is he right about?